The AP / Khaleej Times writes that UNAIDS says the fight against HIV / AIDS requires 5 million teachers are trained, 13 million sex workers reached 10 billion condoms provided, performed 5 million circumcisions, and 19 million orphans and vulnerable child support (AP / Khaleej Times.

A joint UNAIDS / world Bank report entitled ‘the Global Economic Crisis and HIV Prevention and treatment Programmes: Vulnerabilities and Impact.’on the results of a 71 country study on the effects of the economic crisis is based on the HIV prevention programs, is expected in late June / early July (world Bank come version 11.This has important implications of government policies tackle health inequalities.The researchers tested more than 10,000 British official thirty-five to fifty-five years, participating in the Whitehall II study. The staff was 20 different departments and Been from all professions notes. They were surveyed five times 1985 to 2,004 about their physical psychological and social operation. Occupational grade has been as measured each time and participants were asked to to classify its labor force status.