The researchers hope that would be measured by combining the test with an optical probe how light scatters through tissue an opportunity to subtle changes in the tissue that measures indicate the presence of cancer in the organ provide. A biological phenomenon a biological phenomenon as ‘field effect,’a hypothesis that suggests the genetic and environmental milieu that should be a neoplastic lesion in one area of an organ known as the organ undetectable and even into adjacent tissues. Very promising .p has applied a variety of optical technologies to identify signs of the field effect in colon, pancreas and lung. ‘With these optical techniques, we can be very subtle changes in the tissue to be normal in the investigation seems to identify with traditional techniques,’says Backman. ‘This increased detail allows us new markers for diseases , we hope that new methods have to discover to identify cancer at its earliest stages. ‘.

Scientists have for some time understood that split during cell division, the FtsZ filaments assemble and repeated. When in the assembly phase in the assembly phase in a relatively in a relatively straight line fashion, and in the disassembly in the disassembly phase, they are slightly curved.

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Health care. Intel Create in New Health IT Conference & venture centered on Home-Based CareGeneral Electric Co. And Intel Corp. Draw at you will be to create a company about provide new medical technologies for elderly and chronically ill. Bloomberg Businessweek: ‘The two companies have already in the health market GE Healthcare involved in offers advice and sells medical devices in fields, cardiology and oncology include Intel launched his Digital Health Group in the year 2005 look to applications of its products, health care research and extra health care. The new entity the are not combine a name, assets of GE Healthcare Home Healthcare division and Intel’s Digital Health Group. The joint venture is based on a coalition that GE and Intel is formed some around for independent living and treatment of chronic disease Intel and GE each have their own half the new company , which is scheduled to start by the end of the year ‘(O’Connor.