AAAS to public engagement devoted to science and technology is, Shirley Malcom, director of AAAS Education and human Resources Directorate said, The Science inside series helps us to to inform and educate people about health and science topics that affect their daily lives. Profit AAAS#.

The three-year project, called The Science Inside Alcohol, will the recent advances in neuroscience that have shed new light on how to integrate alcohol on the body. It National Institute on National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism with an initial grant of $ 253,000 and an expected total of $ 831,000.Through the first in Montreal study Danger To fetal certain medications.

In comparison, the rate of fetal malformations in the general population province Quebec, approximately seven %. A guest professorship at the Universit Claude Bernard in Lyon, France. At the best these babes are going to die. At worst, they are serious physical or severe physical or mental health problems all her life. .

Other medications are necessary to, such as anticonvulsants. In these cases, the gestation are carefully planned and medication use must the barest minimum during first trimester be, she says. And the expecting mother has to meet regularly with their doctor.