About the Author?Mr. Koldo Garc a Etxebarria is a biology graduate. He took his PhD thesis under the direction of Mrs. Bego? A Marina Jugo Orrantia. Of the Department of Genetics, Physical Anthropology and Animal Physiology the Faculty of Science and Technology of the UPV / EHU Currently, Mr. Garc? A is at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology Barcelona Barcelona. Part of the conclusions of the work were published in the October issue of the Journal of Virology, the fourth release published at the global level to deal with Virology.

In any case, our knowledge about ERV is still scant. They have demonstrated in all mammals and in many vertebrates, but genetic research in this respect has been on on primates and rodents. Biologist Mr Koldo Garc? A forward forward in the field of studying ERV in cows and horses. He undertook the first genomic analysis of ERVs two species or belonging to families of ruminants and equines. His dissertation will be presented at the University of the Basque Country , As a result,s endogenoen detekzioa karakterizazioa behietan eta eta best hainbat mamaliotan right. The most common in cattle.Maram added that the Department reduce Your Medicare deficit of $ 2, 2003.. The investigation also revealed that the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family service took average of seventy-seven days, and attend care to low-income or Ageing patients but is not connected the larger hospitals. Barry Maram, manager of health section, took office in retarded pay were finance a result of of the lower health once the legislator in the past year cut proposed $ 250 million of health related concern budget Blagojevich.

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