According to the authors, the results show that sleep disorders like insomnia may have a negative impact on marital relations. – These results underscore the importance of considering the interpersonal consequences of sleep disorders and sleep deprivation, said Troxel.

Abstract Title Sleepless nights Sleepless nights and marital strife The examination of the bidirectional links between nocturnal sleep and daily marital status interactions Abstract ID: 0922 Presentation Date: Monday.Skeletal muscle. This study.. Study is entitled effect on muscle repair and regeneration of cholesterol lowering drugs,Statins are powerful drugs that reduce bad cholesterol and so which risk of from a heart attack. While these drugs have enormous potential benefits for millions, they can cope side effects for some. The most common reported a result is fatigue, and nine % of patients report statin – pain caused by. Both of which can compounded if there statin doses of can be increased, and physical activities is added to. The results to a recent study may offer another note of caution for high-dose statine patient.

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