According to what the researchers have seen, the transposon stimulates the synthesis of a molecule which normal normal messenger RNA. , these new complementary molecule joins with the normal RNA of the gene is impeded by synthesizing the protein.

In this research project the UAB scientists have demonstrated that a transposon in the genome of Drosophila a gene adjacent, ie it reduced the level of expression significantly silence. Expression of a gene consists of using the DNA as a template, In 1999, messenger RNA, which can be used in their own environment to a particular protein synthesized is synthesized.LIF was in of a subset of M? Author Join glial cell control under both conditions at comparison, and upregulated LIF knock out accelerate A photoreceptor degeneration. LIF knock-out also prevents upregulation of other proteins of in a response to injury in particular fibroblast growth factor is 2, be the key be a key neuroprotective factor of. Injection LIF conversely into the eyes the effects of knock-out on the protein expression, Long,its effect on degeneracy proven.. Of knockout LIF delayed photoreceptor degenerationNeural stress or injury activate opposing signal paths which promote the survival and cell death. A thorough understanding of these pathways could be allow the researchers to for effective shift the equilibrium towards of the survival without any aggravated any damage.