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In an accompanying Comment, Dr Chris Parker describe and Dr. Alex Tan, Institute of Cancer Research, the process as a central and as ‘the first ones to show an overall survival advantage for radiotherapy in the primary treatment of prostate cancer. ‘.

Of instance, there were in Denmark, Czechia and Poland the smallest proportion of cured lung cancer patients , while France and Spain the highest . For cancer, less than 30 percent in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, to be healed, but 49 percent of France cured. Cured at Finland, France, Spain and Sweden, about 73 percent of patients with breast cancer while the share below 60 percent of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia. To prostate cancer, Slovenia been cured longer linked with intensity of the PSA test activity of than by the efficacy of treatments France Deutschland led the way with greater than 60 percent of men cure, while only 14 percent been cured Denmark. This difference was primarily due earlier through the earlier through the PSA testing, prostate cancer and many of would be do not and perhaps not even has given rise to. Have no symptoms to the prostate mortality, not act higher in Denmark than anywhere else in the Northern European. – For cancer , the results showed the gap between Poles, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, and Western European countries of from about 10 percent ‘part This difference between had been the introduction of breast screening in the mid 1990s at many West European countries. True, true, the implication is demonstrate that early diagnosis saves the life of by breast cancer survivors by rendering of her illness longer curable, ‘said Dr. Capocaccia.