University of Alberta researcher Ian Colman says most people are not getting the kind of treatment they need.Colman, an assistant professor at the School of Public Health, and his research team a study a study to see the long term effects of taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications.

They found that an additional adjustment for HLA – C significantly reduced the number of deaths according to cord blood transplants transplants. The highest effects of HLA – C matching was achieved, there is no difference between HLA antigen of the donor and recipient, and also if there is only one HLA antigen difference. Performed 3 or 4 mismatches HLA antigen one of the A, C or DRB1 genes in higher transplant deaths compared to no or a non-conformity. The researchers explain – :.Thyreoiditis – one autoimmune inflammation of the hyperthyroidism treatment of for hyperthyroid – radiotherapy or surgery Serious iodine deficiency – a reduction of production of of thyroid hormones, hypophysis malfunction lithium pregnancy was – during or after, a serious effects on the fetus.