Bush in 2003, According to the editorial, was a recent study that PEPFAR more. Prevent a million deaths on the African continent, he said that PEPFAR spent $ 18800000000 between fiscal and 2008 and 2008 on the program of the 15 priority countries – 12 of them in Africa, adding that Bush and Congress over the past year approved another $ 48000000000 over the next five years to combat HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. .. In 2003 One Of Bush administration ‘More Positive Legacies Editorial Says One of the positive legacies of the Bush administration the president of the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, an editorial in the Washington Post says , according to the editorial, PEPFAR. – is an unprecedented multi-year and multi-billion dollar U.S. Involvement in the epidemic of the deadly march across to fight through Africa.

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