Is the weaker performance of siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder to constitute an early symptom of the broader autism phenotype, and highlights the importance of pursuing these at-risk children for developmental problems, the authors point out. This research has the potential to increase our knowledge of the early development of autism and to develop tailored intervention and prevention strategies for promoting optimal outcomes in this group of vulnerable children, they conclude.

Participating children were with tests of thinking, learning and memory, an interactive screening tool assessing play, imitation and communication, and a scale rating autism symptoms. The parents were interviewed and filled questionnaires about their children’s social, communication and language skills.. Wendy L. And colleagues at Vanderbilt University, 64 younger siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders and 42 younger siblings of children with typical development. The siblings were aged between 12 and 23 months , if they were rated between 2003 and 2006.According to the North American Spine Society , ‘Italic strengthen , improve flexibility and aerobics exercises Their general reducing health and the probability of the lumbar spine. ‘.

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