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Alvaro is a member of the Health Care Ethics Committee at the above hospital, and this has affected the motivation behind his newspaper. It is about the interaction between a clinical pathology, which is very common for us[ neurologist] and the ability to make decisions, and of committees of committees on bioethics, he says. But that ‘s not all, because this paper is to argue the importance of neurologists, when it comes to determining the extent of the dementia patient is damaged competence: Following a tradition neurologists neurologists at least not it is often the psychiatrist to assess the competence in the case of dementia.Food million Americans.. About Hepatitis CHepatitis C is a blood-borne infectious diseases which is caused by the hepatitis C virus . It is the most common cause chronic hepatitis in the U.S. To cirrhosis to cirrhosis, the liver cancer and liver failure. Through contact with by contact with HCV infected the blood. A vast majority of the infected show any symptoms, but tiredness, abdominal pain and nausea. The current standard therapy the nursing care, peginterferon and ribavirin dealt has effective with about half the patients. According to the Centers for Disease Control and, HCV acts an estimated 4, from the U.S.