Asphyxia causes glutamate, an amino acid to build up in the child’s brain. The excess glutamate allows calcium to flow through cell channels permanent nerve damage permanent nerve damage that.

Although these early results are promising and supported by limited research on animals is to guaranteed further research in this area.

The pre-hospital stage of AMI has treatment also some changes in the last decade seen: diagnosis supported by telemedicine has improved, and many of interventions has been shifted of the hospital in the field at this early stage we it now goodbye new partnerships and entities associated. Family mortality in this large group of patients being continuing to its decline. We must take on new lean principles across the organization to the pre-clinical phase , starting with public awareness of symptoms, and how to trigger the alarm. For the patient the first sign is cardiac arrest, basic stander CPR has become standard. Despite an abundance of automated external defibrillators in many parts, their localization and use of are many times not well organized.