Birth control pills.atch and blood clot risk Noteusers of Ortho Evra contraceptive patch have twice the risk of developing blood clots in the legs and lungs, in women compared with traditional birth control pills, taken according to a new study of the drug makers, Johnson & Johnson. The FDA announced yesterday that they updated the label on the patch with a warning.

Cervical Cap Small latex or plastic cups with spermicidal cream / jelly filled. It is inserted into the vagina, on the cervix.Intrauterine device inserted by a doctor. It is a small plastic device containing copper or hormones.Birth Control PillsDepo-Provera injection. Lasts three months.Lunelle Injection. Lasts a month.NuvaRing vaginal ring or flexible ring. It is in the vagina, where then taken out. Then taken out. The new one can not be introduced until the old has been a week. It releases estrogen and progesterone.– Even crucial to the recovery after a heart – Researchers at the University of Alberta have employed a basic cellular process of of the being discovered is discovered for pH value compensate for in the cell impaired by certain novel COX – 2 inhibitors have.