When researchers Mice treated with antiplatelet agents infect a day after it began, the mice survived more often than control mice. However, if the researchers only after three days waiting to treat infected mice with platelet inhibitors did not do did not do better in terms of survival. Cerebral malaria is fatal 20 % of the time in the best hands, and here we have shown that something as simple as aspirin, effect on platelets in a position in a position that the results improve in order this deadly form of the disease, said David Sullivan, MD, associate professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health ..

[1] In 2004a Public Health White Paper. Election health: a healthy election has started facilitating, and a week later 300 million financing package was announced given 40 million contraceptive belonged to improve services A commitment to flexible multidisciplinary sexual health became employee did.Even though psychological health improve in the Ages all areas of employment, the rate of improve was slow down lower professional qualities what extend health inequalities early age. The gap was explained by improving psychological health reach by the high professional qualities after retirement. However, retirement been do not assigned with a similar improvement in the mental health for the lower mobility grades.

The findings show that mental health increases with age of all groups, whereas psychological health tends improving with age.