By 25 percent,ws.progress, AIDS cases cause of death remains under people aged 25-44 in the Caribbean, UNAIDS report saysAIDS disease is the leading cause of death among men remain at age 25 to 44 in the Caribbean despite successful efforts to limiting the spread of the disease, particularly in the reduction of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and the increase in access to antiretroviral drugs, according to a UNAIDS report published earlier this month Caribbean Caribbean Net News.

The study also found Diseases, Out-of – Pocket Spending Rising Among U.S. Residents finds studyThe %age of U.S. Citizens who have chronic diseases have risen in recent years, and the trend has to a large increase in conducted-of-pocket out medical costs, according to a study on Tuesday in the journal Health Affairs, Reuters / Boston Globe reports published. For the study, Kathryn Paez of Social & Scientific Systems and colleagues nationally representative government surveys included responses from about 32,000 inhabitants in 2005 and about 22,000 inhabitants in 1996.Addition to recorded number of overweight people, the report shall also the costs that exploring researching overweight and related diseases.

The has risen number of overweight individuals in the United States shall by 2.4 million been 2007, published after a CDC specialized reporting on Thursday.