By by BioAlliance Pharma.Intelligent Surveillance System Could Monitor Pedestrian CrossingsA team of researchers at the University of Castilla-La Mancha to recognize to recognize an intelligent monitoring system capable of deviant behavior by drivers and people on foot crossing pedestrian crossings and in other urban Metformin here . The study, published this month in the journal Expert Systems with Applications , could be used to punish bad behavior. – ‘intelligence intelligence surveillance software and related theoretical model ”will define in any environment and observe how a traffic scenario ‘normalcy, David Vallejo, from the Oreto Applied Intelligent Systems Research Group and of the UCLM co-author of a study published in the latest issue of the Expert Systems with Applications, tells SINC.

Oral oral yeast infection in HIV / AIDS patients, once-daily pill , such as multiple dosesA once-daily medication is an option for the treatment of the common oral infection in HIV / AIDS patients shown to be as effective and safe as in an anti-fungal pill five times a day, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study.

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Task that Add Senate Bill left insurance Hat pay for costly diseases.

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PhD at the Sahlgrenska Academy, the Institute for Clinical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Thesis title: Cumulative Live Birth prices by to IVF This hypothesis is being defended on Friday 13th November the first Stora Aulan, SU / Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg.