Dan Welch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of InterMune, said: Having excellent safety and excellent safety and very competitive decreases in serum HCV RNA levels following treatment ITMN-191 in treatment-naive chronic hepatitis C patients, we are looking forward to the beginning our very important 14-day triple triple combination study ITMN-191 plus Pegasys and ribavirin, also known in treatment-naive patients, he continued, We to report also pleased that ITMN-191 indicated as monotherapy for treatment-experienced patients, a safety profile and viral kinetic power given to the further development of ITMN-191 Based in this patient population.

InterMune expects results from all dose groups in the MAD study for possible presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases file.‘Making consumption of vegetables easy being critical because it has so many benefits , from disease prevention weight control,’said John Foreyt, manager of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center on the Baylor College of Medicine wrote. ‘We still have much work in the search for opportunities for the people order to improve their health, but give them something simple as vegetable juices is one step in the right direction. ‘.

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