American Association for Cancer Research CEO receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Cancer OrganisationMargaret Foti, MD , chief executive officer of the American Association for Cancer Research, the first European CanCer Organisation get honored for his life’s work on 21 September 2009 in Berlin. This award Foti outstanding contributions to cancer research and its remarkable scientific leadership in the global cancer community. Under Dr. Foti and the AACR leadership has become a unique organization promoting global cooperation, said Alexander Eggermont, president of ECCO. By bringing together leading scientists from around the world, it opens the door for research partnerships that lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer and prevention.

Patient age and sexual function are the most important prognostic factors for the return of potency after radical prostatectomy. As shown in our study, these factors are also of particular importance after radiotherapy. The best indicator of the preservation erections sufficient for intercourse is the occurrence of spontaneous erections in the morning or evening, before treatment. Diabetic patients are not only vulnerable to the erectile dysfunction prior to radiotherapy, but for post for post – radiotherapy erectile dysfunction.The results indicated that altogether the prophylactic surgery of ovarian of ovarian cancer cases and by 89 % , and reduced breast cancer incidence of 47 %. In If broken down further, the results indicate that none of the women who which BRCA2 mutations that developed to surgical had ovarian cancer, when women who have sank which BRCA1 mutation operation the surgery Your risks of developing ovarian developing ovarian and cancer diseases eighty-seven %.