In reaching this conclusion , and announcement of the passage of three successive incubation periods of 15 days were identified with no new cases of the disease. – Following the confirmation of a case of malaria on Started in June 2006, the Ministry of Health, with support from the Pan American Health Organization, an aggressive program on island in order to identify possible infections, treat where necessary and eradicate environmental sources of illness. The investigation found a small group of 19 cases, and all were successfully treated. No off the island of off the island of Great Exuma. Nassau / Paradise Iceland, Iceland and Grand Bahama Out Islands, including Abaco, Cat Iceland, Eleuthera, Harbour Long Iceland and Iceland were unaffected.

The Department of Health continues to closely monitor and the Department of and the Department of Environmental Health intense intensive vector control and entomological management.BurmaSave the Children UK an employee currently based Yangon which area surrounding Pyapon, 3 hours by car south-west of in Yangon, and the closest essential delta cities.