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Columbia University Medical Center – maintenance of blood sugar levels, even in the absence of disease, can be an important strategy for preserving cognitive health, The results suggest a study by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center released. The study appeared in the December issue of Annals of Neurology. – seniors moments, even by New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks as a nickname ‘hippocampically challenged, ‘are a normal part of aging. Such gaps in memory, according to this new research, could be blamed, at least in part, age on rising blood sugar levels, as we do. The results suggest that the exercise blood sugar levels blood sugar levels, could be a way for some people to stave off the normal cognitive decline that comes with age. – ‘This is news even for people without diabetes since blood sugar levels rise, as we grow older tend Whether suggest through physical exercise, diet or drugs, our research findings that could help to improve glucose metabolism, some of us avert the cognitive slide occurs in many of us as we ‘age, reported lead investigator Scott A. The of neurology in the Sergievsky Center and in the Taub Institute for Alzheimer’s Disease and the Aging Brain at Columbia University Medical Center.

The European Medicines Agency, together with their partners in the EU Member State, the European Commission, the European Centre for the prevention and control , which World Health Organization and the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and health services today met to vaccine manufacturers. The purpose of the meeting was to divide information about the new influenza virus and discuss the regulatory and scientific aspects of development and potential licensing of vaccines for the use in a pandemic situation. Each decision relating to a strategy for the history of pandemic vaccine will depend on the recommendations of the WHO.