Here is a breakdown of new infections in 2009, according to ethnic / racial groups.White MSM – 11,400 black MSM – 10,800 Hispanic MSM – 6,000 black women – 5,400 Kevin Fenton, director of the National Center CDC for HIV / AIDS, hepatitis, STD and TB prevention, said: While we are encouraged that prevention measures have contributed to have to avoid total rise in HIV infections in the United States and significantly infections of the head in the middle 1980s have reduced we leveled off at an unacceptably high level. Without increased HIV prevention, we probably an era of rising infection rates and higher health care costs for a preventable disease, groups, more than faced faced in this country . Gay and bisexual men, the group most affected for new HIV infections continue to MSM to be..

‘African-Americans and Hispanics 14 percent of U.S. Population are African-Americans, while 44 percent of new infections occurred African Americans African Americans.. Many young white connected, black MSM unaware of their HIV status, stigma of homosexuality and HIV makes it less likely to know that looking for some ethnic / racial groups, HIV prevention young black men Younger limited access to health care, HIV treatment and testing have black MSM are more likely to have older sexual partners. A higher %age of older MSM are HIV infected. STD rates are higher than those of young black men who can HIV transmission, Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC ‘s Division of HIV / AIDS prevention made up of said.The Russo in to items concerns expressed by the author and as official as an official position Veterans Administration.