Ho landmine detection has almost 10 years nearly 10 years buysildenafil.net www.buysildenafil.net . , the U.S. Armyt grant amount the research activities of a detector is mounted on a car -based platform. Ho previously explored and helped improve a hand-held detection device used currently in Iraq and Afghanistan. His research, along with advances in radar technology to a reduction to a reduction of false alarms from a rate of 100 per 5,000 square feet for five years at the current rate of less than four per 5,000 square feet. – We are chasing a moving target, Ho said. People are still creating landmines. It is very important that we refine our techniques and further improve our detection methods. .

Some 6,000 Press Looks Medical Interpretation Services in North TexasThe Fort Worth Business Press on Monday examined language interpreter services at North Texas hospitals. Business Press, Business Press, in some North Texas hospitals, ‘[s] pecialized personnel and a phone service for the interpretation have hospital experience easier for those who are ‘not fluent in English. The JPS Health Network – which a number of patients who sees speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cambodian, French, Mandarin, Tagalog and Farsi – some 6,000 monthly meetings with non-English speaking patients who are served by its own medical network 23 interpreters. Further 300 encounters are handled by local entrepreneurs, the interpretation services.

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