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HIV medicinests Countries’ Progress, Challenges in expanding access to HIV treatmentA number of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean – including Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Uruguay – have made great strides in expanding the availability of antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV, the rescue of thousands and preventing many new infections reported to the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization , published in a number of country-specific data analyzes this week.Long-term carelance data showing influenza-like illness in this season be within the normal range no widespread pandemic activity during the recognized each province or territory of. There are 10 outbreaks of influenza of long-term care facilities by the Agency says since start of the flu seasonal reported September.. Testing of flu isolates for the 2005-2006 season continues to and recommendations for updated based on the results.

This year’s influenza vaccine contains a burden similar to that of H3N2 virus, immunity for those receiving the flu executed the season.

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