‘said Congressman Bartlett. ‘Congress will not override it. Everyone in Congress, the media and the Americans pursued know this topic. After these events, I am confident that my colleagues and the leadership in the House and the Senate common base common ground to hug HR 322 and schedule them for votes. In addition to the provisions in the Senate to require HR 322, the federal government to fund research into alternative methods to detect to obtain stem cells without creating or destroying human embryos, that a law is necessary. For this research to continue HR 322 would accelerate federal research into ethical stem cell research. HR 322 would be approved by Congress and enacted by the President. We ‘ll find out this summer, -year-old progressive ethical embryonic stem cell research by the vast by the vast majority of the population is more important than political maneuvering and demagoguery.

Congressman Bartlett is the only member of Congress who earned both a master’s and a Ph.D. In Human Physiology and has courses in advanced embryology.. Source: Luise Dirscherl Ludwig-Maximilians – Universit t M nchen?5 P. Bartlett To Vote No against destructive embryonic stem cell legislation, USA – U.S. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett , who is introduced to an alternative stem cell research bill, No vote against S. Because scientifically unnecessary and unethical to sacrifice human embryos, is to get cells for research on embryonic stem cells.Have in addition Sen. Jim DeMint a change that was needed FDA for certainty safety of mifepristone abortion medicines within a specified time proposed to, and Sen. Richard Durbin has proposed amending that would improve FDA oversight of of food safety . Senate leaders said that they hope hold a final vote on the reauthorization the draft law Thursday the legislation that wrote helpers, to be to debate on to the bill probably renew in the the coming week (CongressDaily.

Reimportation change Sens. Byron Dorgan and Olympia Snowe have an amendment to of the laws the a re – importation statement to .