If the differentiated cells were seeded onto three-dimensional shapes and implanted in mice, they maintained features consistent with bone, muscle and fat tissue. Our study shows that stem cells can simple simple skin biopsy and to to three to three vital tissues, said Shay Soker, associate professor of surgery at Wake Forest School of Medicine, part of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The majority our body is made of fat, muscle and bone. .

The team grew mesenchymal stem cell, a type of stem cells normally found in bone marrow. With tissue samples from 15 donors who had routine circumcisions, the scientists could individual stem cells then then grown in culture dishes in the laboratory. The scientists used hormones and growth factors, because they. To elicit more in fat, muscle and bone cells.Attributed investigation of Oregon national health civil servants 68 people that tested positive for for adenoviral between the 1st November 2006 and 30 April 2007. Of these, 50 for For more tests are available, of which it emerged 31 cases of AD 14 , 30 of which been further validated. Infected. Patients 22 were male and the age range was 2 weeks to 82 years. 7 died severe pneumonia.

In Oregon, the first noticed only noticed when a clinician authorized have reported plurality of patients with severe pneuomonia among early March and early April 2007. 15 of the 17 patients out by laboratory testing by laboratory tests did infection through the CDC as having AD14.