Look At Look At What’s Ahead for South Sudan’This Week referendum on independence in southern Sudan marks an apparent victory for U.S. Foreign policy in East Africa – one that for Washington birth deeper advisory role in what is expected the has secured a new, impoverished nation, ‘concluded after a Wall Street Journal look at the problems of the United States in South Sudan after the vote. ‘Sudan is a top U.S. Foreign policy priority in Africa, as a bulwark in a volatile east and central Africa by terrorist threats and rebel groups are fighting seen Should Sudan return to conflict, it could cost thousands of lives, reset the region resulting economic progress and $ 100,000 $ 100,000 more than a decade in peacekeeping operations and regional economic losses, estimates Frontier Economics, a London-based market research company, ‘writes the Wall Street Journal.

Hassan Awule laps on the unfinished Morobo Clinic it during the war he began said life would improve in the coming years, but worried that corruption and tribalism. The spoiler of many African countries. Jeopardizing perhaps a new land like a lizard darted a wall over 80 percent of which he hopes will one day be an operating room, ‘We started with just one pharmacy,’he said. ‘Then we have a bed, then two, then three, and now we have 40 beds. You are not enough. We treat malaria, intestinal worms and infections.throughout the month of April, the the UN Foundation Nothing But Nets campaign is cooperation with millions of Americans are intended to cover continent Africa with life-saving networks, said Elizabeth McKee Gore, executive director of Nothingness But Nets. with our joint commitment, the men certainly transmitted of illnesses mosquitoes has is a natural partner for of the Nothing But Nets campaign, ..