In 2005 – was the last year for which data are collected – there were 203 329 ICSI cycles. This was almost twice as high as for standard IVF cycles, which was 118,074 for the same year.

– Prof Nyboe Andersen said, it huge differences in the rates of ICSI and IVF exist between countries, but we do not know why this should be the Nordic countries, the Netherlands used ICSI and the United Kingdom to a small extent and the Southern European countries, such as Greece, Italy and Spain used ICSI the most frequently . it seems that some countries with ICSI excessively compared to IVF, despite the lack of medical evidence that it patient patient. As ICSI does not give higher pregnancy rates than IVF in couples where the infertility is not caused by male factors, and as it is more expensive, infertile couples and a less frequent a less frequent use of ICSI in some of these countries.Researchers analyzed data from two surveys, the more than 1,500 adult Americans which the receiving the vaccine and understanding intentions and motivations for vaccinations. The people surveyed fell into high-risk groups of particularly Recommend Excellent for the vaccine from the Centers for Disease Control Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Figured out Harris and by by midseason, more than one third of adults for whom the flu vaccines is vaccinated especially recommended, and a further 17 % say they intended to to do it, until the end of season -.

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