In addition to Dr. Includes the center of of the expertise of Michelle Horvath, Assistant Vice President, Quality Management, Stephen Lyman, Director, Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Lisa Mandl, physician scientist, rheumatology / research; Joanne Melia, director, risk management and Patricia Quinlan, scientific coordinator, nursing administration, and dedicated personnel for the research to be carried out.

One of the first research initiatives that center for the hospitals concerns across the country involves identifying the underlying elements of patient focus to prevent falls. Nurses have 10 years of retrospective data on this important issue. Other research at the center of the domain are prospective studies look at trends and stratifying data on infections after spine surgery and peripheral nerve injuries. To motor weakness ‘The Quality Research Center will enable us to continue our mission of providing the highest possible quality of patient care through research supporting,’said Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of Hospital for Special Surgery. ‘Under Dr. Magid is the lead center for studies on quality initiatives in a reproducible manner, as can Special Surgery and other institutions demonstrating the risk of the exploitation of research results to reduce the principles, methods and standards. ‘.

The new research Surgery to playBetter In Preemies Having Blinding Eye Disease.

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