In Staffordshire , headquartered CERAM was founded in 1920 and employs a team of research and product development professionals who are involved in physical and chemical materials testing, research, process engineering and product development.

Oregon Dairy Farmers Association planning an attack on raw milk Food Freedom is under attack in the state of Oregon, where powerful industrial lobby groups pushing for further restrictions, and maybe even a complete ban on all raw milk sales. reported that an isolated E. Coli O157: H7 outbreak was linked to raw milk potentially inspired Oregon Dairy Farmers Association , meeting with legislators, large milk producers, and state agriculture officials are planning – but not raw milk producers and consumer – potential to raids to discuss on raw milk sales.Liz Sayce, contributions of RADAR said:’These tragic mortality does not be necessary to repeat the Ombudsman report demonstrates that about the unhappy over the unfortunate human error that can influence any organization and provide introduced a breathtaking non-compliance with the basic standards for nursing. Care and respecting human rights those with learning difficulties should do not and will not tolerate the second-class citizens or worse, by NHS human covered ‘.