In the new study, Jianping Wu and Kaustav Majumder note that eggs are an inexpensive source of high quality protein and other nutrients. Egg consumption, however, has diminished over the last 40 years due to concerns about cholesterol. Recent studies have show that healthy people can eat eggs without increasing their risk of heart disease . Other studies indicated that certain egg proteins might effects similar to ACE inhibitors, prescription drugs used to treat high blood pressure have.

Tools that lead in laboratory studies, the researchers identified different peptides in boiled and fried eggs that ACE inhibitors ACE inhibitors. The researchers showed that produce enzymes in the stomach and small intestine , these peptides from eggs. Fried eggs had the highest ACE inhibitory activity. There are studies to take in people to determine whether to do the egg proteins to lower blood pressure in humans, the scientists stressed. Funding for the research came from livestock and poultry industry groups. ‘Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Peptides from Simulated in Vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion of Cooked Eggs ‘.

This year columnist investigated eradicate polio in India.

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This year, the Indian Department of Health is forecast to almost 1.1 billion vaccines 172000000 children Management Toronto Star report. to more than half in the country, investments that every four to six weeks, instead of from the beginning of of 2006. There is a constant, exhaustive struggle Haste in a country which the addition of 30 millions of babies per year is keep , then the column of. Fact is that us no, so we will beat up to issues such as hygiene and nutrition , you have all the too tight, said Arvind Dabass a wHO medical, which to eradicate polio in the district runs Sahara. Every year that proceeds without any a coherent victory against the illness generates more control of the WHO polio eradication program. The Government of India only spent $ 325,000 per year, and eliminating expense has worldwide more than 1 billion dollar annual swollen the newspaper said. Furthermore critics argue money be used for other urgent sources. – Eradicate this disease has a gigantic idea of on the scale of of journey to the moon, and as the we are get closer are needed view more investment, which to much criticism that we too much for that final 1 % of, said Chris Wolf, a scholar who charge of the wHO polio program in India. He said there no fathomless whether, that donor might pull the plug on the funding .

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