In the study, UC in the lab of in the lab of Zhongyun Dong, test the efficacy of a new agent against a specific protein on the surface of tumor targeted. It has been demonstrated that human prostate cancer cells overexpress some proteins on their surface, says Dong, an associate professor of hematology oncology in the department of internal medicine . This expression represents a novel target for the management of advanced prostate cancer. .

‘If administered intravenously, the AREVA Med 2120lead antibody was designed to bind to the tumor surface, alpha particle radiation in and selectively destroy tumor cells,’says Dong.In the study, which is expected run until the end the year, the researchers will measure the toxicity of the treatment and its efficacy in inhibiting growth of cancer cells. The data is then collected Phase 1 Phase 1 studies in patients with advanced prostate cancer.

The Department, Kermit Gosnell by of ownership, since February, after a raid carried German Federal pharmaceutical active compounds and government agencies multiple injuries, including a lack of equipment and drugs to resuscitation and under – report in the second trimester abortions were is closed. Official said Gosnell also did backup back-up medical and no simple way to stretchers and from the clinic. Gosnell has also which the nineteenth delay a report to the state a patient who came a cardiac arrest and died on Accused November 2009. The State Board of Medicine exposed Gosnell that Approvals and said that of the clinic Service were pity and unsanitary and clear danger to the public. Following the Inquirer, donetions conduct as the reason for the imposition of fines and withdrawal of approval to abortions hospital.

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OSA is a sleep-related breathing disorder which containing to breathe reduction and cessation the airflow despite an ongoing effort OSA has with a risk of high blood Print, diabetes, stroke , sudden cardiac death and all-cause mortality Sleep apnea is one of the leading co-morbidities obese and research has demonstrated that the weight loss can improve OSA.