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Easy access to elective surgery has been cited as an advantage to the U.S. Healthcare system. But like in the U.S., the majority of patients waiting in Germany, New Zealand and Australia less than a month for elective or emergency surgery and not waiting for 6 months or more were rare in these countries and the Netherlands. In Canada and the UK, waiting for about 15 % of patients reported more than six months for elective or non-emergency surgery. In Britain waits dramatically compared with the 2001 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey, 28 % wait more than six months for elective surgery reported decreased.Notice study was in about 20 centers of and inscribed 103 patients , including 70, gastrointestinal intention-to-treat analysis qualify Debioclinic SA, which set. German Partner, participated to the statistics analysis of our study the results of this study were an important part of the review the Complete Response to the FDA and are on the 30th September presented to, added Jacques Guertin, president and CEO Debiovision Inc.. In the United States for bleeding of esophageal varices.

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