The authorities tracing where the meat of the animal was sent and the Agriculture Department recalled 000 pounds of beef slaughtered ninth December at Vern’s Moses Lake Meat Co. In Washington state. Minister of Agriculture Ann Veneman said it was an extra precaution.

Federal officials on Friday quarantined a herd of 400 bull calves, two of which were descendants of the sick cow. In 1997 the was the infected cow three calves. A calf is at the same dairy near Mabton, Washington, that the final home of the diseased Holstein cow was is a Ron to a bull calf feeding operation in Sunnyside, Washington, and a third died shortly after he said in Born 2001, Dr. DeHaven, chief veterinarian for the Agriculture Department.Stainless steel utensils is Off of a metal alloy consisting primarily iron and chromium along with different %ages of molybdenum, copper and vanadium. But also stainless steel allows other metals leach the food products. The main elements at stainless which negatively impact our health, iron, chromium and nickel.

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