However,cytes: New Vitamin D Contractors To Help Build BonesA lack of vitamin D in the diet causes several bone diseases, including rickets and osteoporosis. This is because, by the binding of the vitamin D receptor , controls the amount of vitamin D and calcium phosphates in our body. It is believed that these effects of vitamin D on VDR in the intestine and kidney are taught. However, the VDR is also expressed by cells in the bone known as chondrocytes, but their effects on this cell type have not been described.

TITLE: Vitamin D receptor in chondrocytes promotes osteoclastogenesis and regulates FGF23 production in osteoblastsAUTHOR CONTACT:Geert Cameliet Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.###JCI table of contents: November 9,Low-fat or low-carb? That is the questionDr. Gary Foster, lead author of the study and director of the Temple Obesity Center says: But Foster notes ‘Concerns have been expressed for years that ‘We were not too worried about the results of both same diets surprised. ‘a low – carb diet may have a number of negative effects on the body, but I think showing this, that some of these concerns are unfounded. End dieters should concern themselves more with making those changes in behavior than with which diet they choose choose ‘..‘It’s a completely different system, tying neuronal inhibitory tone to metabolic activity of, ‘said Palmer, ‘this. Might really exciting with respect to the re-evaluation what we thought we knew through inflammatory sound in the CNS. GABAA now in that methyl glyoxal some around since developed glycolysis was and theater in these receptors are and nobody knew, ‘.

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