He concluded: The big implication of this study to put to put a limit on the duration of antibiotic therapy for CAP, similar to that of ventilator-associated pneumonia needless lengthening the duration of antimicrobial therapy is rather select for antibiotic resistance. Or, even worse, instead of false hope in a failing therapy if current infection is the cause really. The greatest clinical benefit of procalcitonin-directed therapy still appears the selection of patients who can not take antibiotics at all or at least not be a beta-lactam antibiotics . .

63rd Society. Reduces Length of antibiotic treatmentto reduce for patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia , lower measurements of procalcitonin, a biomarker of infection, the length of antibiotic treatment by an average of 7 days.Of inflammation care of diabetic kidney diseaseDr. Mark Okusa, nephrologists and Professor of Medicine University of Virginia Health System is two grants in the amount of $ 1,000 for four years to test whether some drugs can which inflammatory process that stop occurs in diabetics winning kidney problems:.

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