Karp team than two samples of mice. The first consisted of embryonic mice at various stages of development, while the second of adult mice, where two-thirds of her liver was composed taken. Determine the which genes in a cell is active- – using techniques such as DNA microarrays and software programs the collected information the collected information, the researchers grow all the proteins that help cells proliferate and are listed in both samples.

The results were surprising. The researchers noted that only a few proteins for both processes for both processes. Proteins called transcription factors, which affect DNA in the cell nucleus, have been in in the development of embryos , the liver but not in adult liver regeneration. Instead, the proteins that help cells proliferate were active in both the development and regeneration of liver.:: ‘The concentration of activity the radioactive material must be high, because otherwise too high patient administration chemical dose form a clear radiograph. ‘.. But Mo-99 can also be made of molybdenum-98, a stable radioisotope of of natural molybdenum, a material, to extract mining company about already from the soil. Wolterbeek technology in which technique in which he was bombing that commodity with neutrons to do of molybdenum-99. Nuclear non-proliferation atoms ‘activated’is not only separated from neutron bombardment but also from surrounding atoms by the energy transfer. The resulting molybdenum-99 This means that dissolved in water. This means that the isotope of highly concentrated form.