Led by Judith Berman, professor of genetics, cell biology and development, university researchers have discovered albicans, an antifungal agent, by neutralizing its own chromosomes. ‘tively. – deletes an arm of chromosome 5, and the other, replacing it with a double arm. The altered chromosome known as the ‘isochromosome. ‘The effect of the duplication is to the cell tolerate antimycotic, whereby the yeast to grow, despite the presence of the drug.

Berman explained that drugs that are toxic to fungi often toxic to humans. So anti-fungal medication will suppress normally intended to kill instead albicans. This suppression encourages the organism to develop resistance to the drug, in order to survive.Subtracts The third kind of image primarily the vague second image from the untouched photos. This ‘high-frequency ‘technique led to a fine detailed line art.