Less effective http://www.penegrarx.com click here . Skin gel for healing burnsScientists in India report successful laboratory tests of a new and potentially safer alternative to silver-based gels applied to the skin of burn patients to treat infections. With names like silver sulfadiazine and silver nitrate, these germ – fighters save lives and speed the healing. The researchers describe gel composed of silver nanoparticles – each 1/50, the width of of a human hair – appears more effective than these traditional gels. Their study is scheduled for 3 of of Molecular Pharmaceutics ACS ‘, a bi-monthly journal. Kishore Paknikar and colleagues note that antimicrobial silver compounds have been used for decades on burn patients, whose skin is very prone to bacterial infections, however, topical silver agents can use effectiveness cause discoloration in the body, cause discoloration of the skin, and damage cells drug-resistant bacteria such treatments less effective.

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