‘Lung cancer kills nearly 600,000 Americans each year – more than breast, combined prostate, colon and pancreatic cancers we can change these statistics, the stories of these pioneering individuals give us hope, and their message is clear Doctors need better tools. To fight this deadly disease, ‘Zannes said. ‘We are calling on everyone to support research and development, especially as more than 60 % of new cases in people who never smoked or who left years ago to be diagnosed. ‘.

The convention is also internationally oriented educational sessions and such as such as: – International Think & Drink Forum – the bioeconomy to 2030: What the landscape for innovation, economics and politics for biotechnology? Wednesday, 00 to 18:30 clock – International Biotechnology Marketplace – Future Scenarios innovation for Sustainable Energy Wednesday, June 2008.00 and 05:30 clock Bayside Pavilion & Terrace, Convention Center.Disease free survival drug designation and radiation improves survival for Cervical Cancer Patientsdrugs combine and radiotherapy improves survival for women, treatment of cervical cancer. These are the conclusions of Cochrane Researchers performed the most comprehensive study on the effects of combined drugs and radiotherapy for cervical treatment of to date.