Many pregnant women may receive inappropriate care. For example, said 17 percent of women in childbirth Connection Mothers II survey involved national hearing in 2005, she had been induced because their caregiver was worried that the baby was too large. However, best evidence suggests that induction of labor is not favorable in this case. ‘We now know that every week of pregnancy counts in relation to brain and lung development if there is no good reason to terminate in order to become pregnant mothers and babies benefit from waiting to begin work on their own,’said Carol Sakala, director of programs, Childbirth Connection.

The study’s lead author, Ellen Mozurkewich, a mother- – fetal medicine specialist at the University of Michigan, said:. The best available evidence does not support routine inductions in many situations in which induction is currently recommended for patients More research is needed to assess the risks and benefits of induction in these situations. .We must stop pushed, carefully out of the health care equation and focus on what really count on patients and caregivers. We invested a lot of money to quickly supply – this is the time of investing in quality care. .