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Healthier.y Daiquiri are the Extra – Healthy Cocktail?Strawberries are good for you, but serving them in daiquiri form may it even healthier, scientists show.While exploring ways to help, strawberries fresh during storage, the researchers from Thailand and the United States that treating the berries with alcohol led to an increase in antioxidant capacity and free radical scavenger activity in the fruit. While such a boost helped the berries resist decay, the same compounds would also be expected to to eat the strawberries healthier.Follow up ‘This was a study of chronic infections, and if we are looking at the mice seven weeks later, we were surprised to do the mice find an extremely robust and efficient CD8+ D cell response,’he says. ‘This suggests there is an alternate way to generate CD8 T cell. ‘.. As use the genetically modified mice lacking the Generate in their experiment, instructions instructions for producing the MHC class I molecules, Virgin and his colleagues expects little response of CD8 T cells, when injected, the mice infected with herpes viral included.