Join us for an enlightening program.. Marketing, money and your healthWhy do most people believe that coconut oil causes heart disease? a leading expert in coconut oil says it has everything and and money. In the 1980s people were concerned that saturated fats may increase cholesterol levels. The soy industry successfully convinced people that all saturated fats were bad – sell more vegetable oil and make huge profits. – According to Dr. people are still of the soybean industry attack on coconut oil duped many writers, too lazy own research own research, body, forces biased viewpoints produced by these groups I try.

Now scientists to investigate the effect of DNA and RNA helicases to to study an entirely new class of proteins. ‘There are very few known enzymes that alter DNA structure. And we have discovered a completely new. This was not expected to be the case in 2008., We should have found them all now. ‘ – ‘I think And through the DNA Just as DNA-DNA helicases, there are RNA-DNA helicases and RNA-RNA helicases So it does not take much imagination to predict that it is likely. ‘ll be RNA-DNA annealing helicases and RNA – RNA annealing helicases. Potentially potentially quite large. And as more people discover additional annealing helicases is to expand this field. ‘.The group a vision the future said imaging, minimal invasive treatment of patients and clearly way to the successful implementation.. On which International Prostate MRI has offers The International Prostate MRI Working Group, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional approach to to the advancement of MR and magnetic resonance spectroscopy technologies and their integrated to prostate treatment – cancer. A strategic partnership of managers from academia, industry, philanthropic and advocacy groups, the consolidated looking of developing breakthrough research and develop short-and long -term research strategy for the simplified development of the MRI / MRS.