Last year, the H5N1 bird flu virus spread to more than 40 other countries and has the deaths of hundreds of millions of additional birds that concern about the possibility of a human flu pandemic has intensified. In addition the number of bird flu cases have doubled in people over more than 250 cases in 10 countries. Tragically, more than half of those infected have died. Should H5N1 is primarily an animal disease has remained, but should the virus acquire the ability for sustained transmission from person to person, would have the potential for an influenza pandemic have serious consequences for global public health.

These investments are expected to benefit not only the citizens of the United States, but also citizens of the world. A pandemic require the cooperation of the world community. No nation can do it alone. When a country to protect its own people, it has with other nations the the people in the world. In this sense, the United States have a $ 10 million to the WHO influenza vaccine development and manufacturing infrastructure by institutions in other countries , as provided develop sustainable programs for vaccines to prevent avian H5N1 or other novel influenza viruses in humans..However phosphates Klp9p Ase1p and by the other protein Clp1p remove close to anaphase B provides the block, so that both proteins of of its complex thus creating the cell proliferation to continue. Have been ‘implies Many molecules the spindle – – example were brought in relation to molecular motors, microtubule-associated protein, and its binding and regulated by the phosphate counter, ‘tranches said But now. ‘we a very detailed and complete description which four molecules of ‘ – Klp9p, Cdc2p and Clp1p – everybody plays a role in one aspect cell division anaphase B. ‘.. Anaphase A, blubber note , has been extensively studied.