Muraro and colleagues collect stem cells from the bone marrow of 13 patients with MS, they grow in the laboratory, then inject it back into the same patient, so that each patient receives a big boost to his own stem cells. – The hope is that the stem cells the brain the brain and start the by by MS, including the repair in progress in ‘active lesions ‘.

Lil Shortland, Chief Operating Officer of UKSCF said, thanks to the joint effort with MS Society, it was possible to vital funding these new projects will need to increase faster:.To investigating the authors the possible role for microRNAs to inflammatory lung diseases and integration into a comprehensive illness model integrate micro RNAs to a system of the biology approach for acute respiratory failure – – Tong Zhou, Joe GN Garcia and Wei Zhang the an acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Rujuan Dai and S. Ansaar AhmadThe authors of evaluate great detail the functions of microRNAs in autoimmune diseases, inflammation and immune system adjustment.