Nearly nine of 10 diarrhea incidents – 2.2 million 2.2 million people each year – poor sanitation and contaminated water are due. In South and East Asia , diarrhea is responsible for up to 8.5 % of all deaths, which in the world in the world. – ‘The human cost is real: 25 per cent of child mortality – children under 5 years – is due to untreated sewage,’Mr. Mochida said in his own remarks. ‘We all need water to survive, but more importantly, we need clean water for a healthy life. ‘.

The celebration also involved an exhibition of water quality initiatives in Thailand and the region, and stresses the need to provide appropriate responses to problems with the water quality opportunities for the development and green growth.This is an essential skill to forecast summer temperatures because observed daily temperature usually higher at rainless date and where rain falls less frequently than normal. – Observational air conditioning data also showed that the sea who surface temperatures Pacific have a significant impact in to air during summer temperature in the eastern U.S. ###The study was published in the American Meteorological Society Journal of Climate.. That forecast model this investigation is this study is advantageous because it assessed details to future atmosphere to a smaller geographic scale than global models, reliable simulations not just on the amount of precipitation in summer, but also to its frequency of and timing of.

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