‘There are so many other areas where you want to had to do the profiling It might involve looking for pesticides as part of an ecological study, or doing protein – related work or drug profiling work. If this approach is successful, in 2008 other groups will these chips as well these chips as well ‘. ‘ read full text more info .

Brodbelt financial assistance , which is funded as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act government is a is a ‘challenge grant, ‘to high-risk, high reward research projects to produce results can be conveyed rapidly This is NIH, the second in two years that Brodbelt and Guziecs ,, in 2008, the cooperation group received a four – year $ 1,615 grant to evaluate an innovative technique that could anti anti-cancer activity of new compounds.

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Instrument style was included a the principal source of symptoms for more than 74 % of surgeons, when 40 % of cited OP bench setup and monitor position. Multi than half the Surgical said , if they were slightly deliberately and no recognize even of recommendations to symptoms of symptoms of researchers in the area of surgical ergonomy. Park says of the survey of the survey key parts of the puzzle, Dr ergonomic researchers do not know trouble problems. When the first step towards the development of solutions, CoR calls for a of fresh, comprehensive attempt understanding the surgical workplace. Many manufacturers and industry were workflow, safety at work and efficiency by characterization to optimize their work, in which in the surgical not. We have not been studied seriously or handled the surgeon – patients port and the Surgical – Scored for interface. If you are. Go into the cockpit of an aircraft, everything is integrated the operating room there is very limited integrating technologies, said Dr.