Clinical negligence Medical and Health Law Improve your practical learning experience by attending the program, pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, May 2011 on the management of and response to complaints, Writing Effective Records and address the challenges of testimony in court.

Who should attend?by NHS Trusts, hospitals and clinics:Pediatric Midwives Heads of Gynecology Obstetricians and Gynaecologists neonatologists neonatologists neuroradiologists Fetal Medicine Consultants Clinical / Health Risk Advisers and Managers NHS Trust solicitors and in-house Counsel Private Practice Lawyers and Attorneys the program in:.From IOF, global organizations to promoting the understanding to increase understanding from osteoporosis and to promote prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease worldwide, recognize IOF in 2005 Osteoporosis Journalism Awards outstanding printing reporting on osteoporosis.

One of three women exceeding 50 suffer osteoporotic fractures, well as a five – women 1, Sorry screening to people in danger of be far from having a common practice. Osteoporosis can also be prevented to some extent, it can be easily diagnosed and effective treatments. – International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF world global organization that the fight against osteoporosis. Time brings together scientists, patient subsidiaries and partners company. Working with its 170 member companies to 84 locations across , and other healthcare groups organization throughout the world , IOF promoting raise awareness and preventive, Long Term Lets better treatment of osteoporosis..