Previous HOT products exclusively from Arryx provided stand-alone, studied turnkey solutions for manipulating, measuring and mounting microscopic and nanoscopic particles and organisms in biology, engineering, and nanotechnology. The HOTkit product line enables researchers to be integrated with their existing laboratory instruments HOT get information . Each product has a HOTkit BNS spatial light modulator for generating dynamic holograms and Arryx software which implements high speed calculations for controlling the SLM and other instruments. We are pleased flexible and inexpensive solution flexible and inexpensive solution for research, said Dan Mueth, Chief Technical Officer of Arryx. The HOTkit products provide the highest available HOT performance in a format that will quickly enable new research. BNS deep expertise in the hardware systems for projecting laser light provision of hardware by the HOTkit product line greatly facilitate integration of SLM in research programs and accelerated the pace of the pace of micro-and nanotechnology research, said Steve Serati, CEO of Boulder Nonlinear Systems.

Arryx and Boulder Nonlinear Systems Announce Availability of HOTkit Holographic Optical Trapping SolutionArryx a Haemonetics company and Boulder Nonlinear Systems today HOTkit product line. The new HOTkit products offer researchers the core high-performance building blocks for creating their own Holographic Optical Trapping configurations.

NPG was selected from SMI as an editor due to its strategic abilities and experience in the publication leading scientific journals. ‘NPG joins the SMI partnerships in a big way,’said Annette Thomas, NPG Director about the new relationship.

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