The study found that Arkansas and Mississippi – two of the countries with the lowest income – the highest mortality rates of cervical cancer, probably because women less access to basic health and screenings, USA Today reported check all about the treatment click here . About 22 percent of young women in Arkansas and 16 percent of young women in Mississippi received the HPV vaccine in 2008, the study found. Comparatively received 55 percent of young women of the vaccine in the richer state of Rhode Iceland, where cervical cancer mortality is half as high as in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Other than 49 flights carrying Red Cross arrived in Haiti. More planes, ships and trucks of the Red Cross humanitarian assistance are on the way. For example, yesterday, 15 trucks carrying aid arrived from Santo Domingo. A new Red Cross warehouse with more than 50,000 square meters of capacity is also now operational in Port-au-Prince, which means that relief supplies in a safe place prior to distribution must be saved means.

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