Project Start grants support early childhood service system integration and improved cooperation, policy and planning at the state, territorial, tribal and local level, as well as the expansion of evidence-based practice in the prevention and wellness promotion for young children .

Reference: Ikeuchi N, Sofuni A, Itokawa F, Tsuchiya T, Kurihara T, Ishii K, Tsuji S, Umeda J, Moriyasu F, Tsuchida A, Kasuya K. Prognosis of cancer with branch duct type IPMN of the pancreas.

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The sensor wristband – developed at IZM – has of the long-term monitoring of several vital body functions elderly patient suited – however even by athletes. It is like an plastic wristwatch. Instead of one dial is the sensor wristband with a lit EL display the shows as current body temperature at all times of the day feature. It also recognizes moisturize the skin that could be a sign for the dehydration patient or an athlete. To a person with pacemakers this wristband can be even signal danger body stating the strength of the electrical or electromagnetic fields near. A number of other applications are conceivable: If necessary, variety array of sensors deck platform polytronic. Roll to the organoleptic Wrist Band is a combination polymer and conventional electronics. Light elements of , sensors and polymer resistance prints on slides in one system circuits made of silicon circuits made of silicon. A three micrometer-thin resonance circuitry with an etched coil – a kind minute antenna – draws the electric smog. An interdigital capacitor to a film and only be 30 microns thick recognizes skin moisture.5 micrometer thickness , measure body temperature. – The sensor wristband demonstrated the potential which is in the flexible electronics fitted in foils, explains Prof. The tiny sensors and the optical functions are deposited to the foils by a combination of typographic and lithographic method. Of the sensor strap, as the diagnosis device of deep venous thrombosis manufactured economically manufactured at low cost well as single sheets as well as through roll-to-roll production in larger batches.

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